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Tagging Guide
There are a lot of terms specific to the yukkuri community, and hopefully a lot can be defined in this thread. If I am wrong or miss any terms, feel free to post them.


Classic: Refers to the original meme of of Hakurei Reimu and Kirisame Marisa from the Touhou series as disembodied heads saying "Yukkuri shiteitte ne" similar to the original post #7.

Bodied_Yukkuri: Can take a lot of shapes, to a body similar to a child or more abstract.

Water_Yukkuri: Yukkuri who live on the water, in the case of Marisa-type Yukkuris, they use their hat as a boat and float around.

Mutants: Refers to unusual or grotesque versions of Yukkuri, generally done to be creepy or for comedic reasons.

Rubrub: A term given to when two yukkuri rub their cheeks. It can be done between two adult yukkuri to "mate", to create warmth, and is an instinct of koyukkuri to rub against their parents or what they consider to be their parents.

wild: tags for yukkuri's living in the wild, where the background shows natural habitats.

city: tags for stray yukkuri's or pet yukkuri's on a walk in the streets.

indoors: tags for yukkuri's, pet or otherwise, that are indoors.

pet_cage: tags for yukkuri's in or around pet cages, plastic or metallic or whatever, meant for them to live in.

simple_background: tags for backgrounds that are completely blank without any terrain, objects, etc.


stalk: tags for images with a stalk, bearing no koyukkuri's, taken off and likely used as koyukkuri's food. If the stalk is still on the mother's forehead, a pregnant_(stalk) tag will be used instead.

stalk_amputation: tags for stalks bearing live premature koyukkuri's that have been severed from the mother's forehead.

Flapping: Generally done by Reimu's using their braids either when they are excited or trying in a vain attempt to fly

Flying_in_the_sky: Sometimes when a yukkuri is jumping high or on a high spot and moving quickly they will say "It feels like I'm flying in the sky." Generally said by koyukkuris.

Yukkuri_stack: Similar to a human tower, a group of yukkuri resting on each other's heads. Koyukkuri do it with their parent yukkuri to play or for protection.

Yukkuri_Nest_Hole: A yukkuri home, can either be simple or complex. Yukkuri tend to be defensive, especially if young are around. Generally there is bedding or stored food.

Puffing: Yukkuri sadly don't have great defenses, one attempt to make themselves appear intimidating is to hold their breath and "puff" to inflate. It can also be done out of frustration.

suii: A small plank with 4 wheels that Yukkuris use as motorized transportation.

Koyukkuri: Baby Yukkuri, prone to slurred speech or simply saying "Yu".

Dosuykkuri: Gigantic yukkuri, generally more oblong in shape. Can be "big for a yukkuri" or the size of a house.

Pet Badge: Domestic yukkuris have badges that signify worth, cost, and that they are pet yukkuris.

Pregnancy: Yukkuris are hermaphrodites, but in this case, the Yukkuri actually giving birth is the mother and the other is the father. There are two forms of pregnancy: Stalk and Mammalian.

Pregnant_(Stalk): Pregnancy originating from the action of "rubrub" and a stalk grows around the forehead area, with koyukkuri growing along the length of the stalk. The stalk provides nutrients and once the koyukkuri matures, it naturally falls off the stalk.

Pregnant_(Mammalian): For all intents and purposes identical to how animals become pregnant and give birth.

There are also many types of Yukkuri:

Reisen-types: Generally have bodies and can only communicate in an annoying "gera" like laugh. Gera refers to derisive laughter in Japanese.

Aya-types/kimeemaru: Aya types are referred to as "Kimeemaru" which is based off of Aya's surname and the Japanese word for "disgusting". They have a permanent smirk and are depicted as moving between two spots very quickly. They talk in short sentences and generally say things like, ooh, something something." Can also be depicted with a horse-like body. They also don't like taking it easy because it requires them being slow, so saying take it easy around one will cause it to rage.


translation request: If a work is untranslated, just put this tag here.

Translated: Use this for any work that is translated using the notes. Do not use this just because someone posted a translation in the comments.

Hard_translated: When the work is directly translated. It is preferred that the untranslated original is uploaded and updated with notes so that way if there is an error, it can be fixed.

character_doll: only use this if there is a doll of a character, not if the character is a doll.

Series:tag: Only tag a image if it is part of the comic series, not just if its related to or an omake.

solo: A single yukkuri by itself.
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Some minor updates

1.) Be sure to properly use the rating system, please, I see a lot of users rating everything as questionable. Given that this is a SFW booru, there should be no explicit ratings as well. Questionable should be things that involve graphic pregnancies, and maybe things like poop or pee in case someone doesn't want to see that.

fat: Yukkuri that are fat. I don't know how bean-paste produce fat cells but here it is.

chansketch:Generally smaller than other pictures and, like the name, more sketch-like. Can either be monochrome or colored.

Comment_story: some pictures don't include any text but the artist leaves a comment that tells a larger story.

blob_yukkuri: Generally yukkuri have somewhat of a solid feel to them but there are some that appear more like a blob. Patchouli-types tend to be this way.

Yukkuri_Knowledge: Works that attempt to explain the nature of yukkuris and how they work, or just what they are.

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