4 years ago
So I just got here from that shithole they call OYP...
I hate to see this place die off after being a nice, easy place for easy people to look at easy pics of easy yukkuri.

It's been a while since anyone has been around.

Maybe it's time for a revival?
4 years ago
Very Funny
I will admit, i do like this because there's no rare yukkuri abuse.
But, just saying.
a) You did not save OYP. People weren't posting as much BECAUSE the artists weren't drawing as much.
b) You did not "spark interest" in Simyukkuri. People were already interested in it. If it's anyone that did, it would be ETERNITY for being able to enter and find new simyukkuri projects.
c) There's a rule that says "NO ANTI-ABUSE COMMENTS IN ABUSE PICTURES". You've been on there for 1 year or so, i've been for like, 1 month. You should know better. It the same thing as me posting abuse pictures and comments everywhere around here.
d) And no. Your all-purpose game thread wasn't THE BIGGEST. Simyukkuri Ideas :'D, Tag Requests, Relay Manga v2, Pivix chat thread and Official SimYukkuri Thread [Current Release in OP] were much larger then yours. Not to mention yours was basically filled with simyukkuri ideas.

Take it easy Mrs. Deibu and stay out of OYP easy!

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