7 years ago
Original Content
So, I was wondering whether anyone has any opposition to me allowing original content on this site?

If you have any FF yukkuri stories or pictures that you want to share, this is the place to do it (for stories, create a thread in the forum).
7 years ago
Hello again. Lick King here, after a long long period of hiatus. School work has been insanely busy.

I see this post is nearly a month old, but I got nothing against original contents for the site. As long as there's nothing problematic with the contents, any addition to the database would always be welcome.

Now, I had tried writing a story, but I couldn't make things go reasonably enough, so I dumped it. I have no time any more to write it again either.:(

Ah, yes. As for my own drawings, I tried fashioning my style after Pentagon and an unknown artist whose Reimu I found very cute, but I stopped drawing altogether as I became very busy. I still try to draw some Touhou-related things though.

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