7 years ago
Favorite kinds of pictures
It goes without saying that all of us here love family friendly pictures of Yukkuris, but do you have any preferences for those kinds of picture?

I love pictures where the Yukkuris are together as a happy family or when a large group of them are having fun together, like these:

I also enjoy stalk pregnancy pictures, such as:

I also like it when Yukkuri Reimus flap their braids as if they're wings, and I find it adorable when they use them as hands (same goes for other Yukkuris using their hair as hands), like the Koyukkuri towards the center of the tablet in this picture:

Any pics that involve Koyukkuris acting cute and being playful are great as well, like these:

Well, what's yours? Have fun talking about your favorite kinds of pics!
7 years ago
Well, when I first found out about yukkuri, my favorite was seeing how the non-yukkuri inhabitants of Gensokyo interact with their yukkuri counterparts. Or the yukkuri counterparts of their friends (or crushes). Especially when it's awkward.

Stuff like:

But as I was introduced to yukkuri as their own species, I really liked seeing how yukkuri society worked. The implications of completely defenseless creatures with juvenile personalities creating their own society. I read a lot of sci-fi and love the stories with naive, juvenile aliens. But these kinds are relatively rare, so yukkuri were a real boon.

I also like to see yukkuri pets, with their owners pampering them.

But I really like almost all yukkuri pics except the ones with people/yukkuri going out of their way to hurt each other.
7 years ago
You sure the last pic is the right pic?

BTW, I'm also fond of Yukkuris with expressions like the Yukkuri Reimu here for some reason:
7 years ago
Mmm... I prefer the flexible-looking yukkuris like Baccha-aki (better known as ammo)'s drawings, rather than the bun-like ones like Kiri-lighter's. My favorite koyukkuri size is those of chestnuts.

I've gotta admit, I do love it when cute yukkuris cry. Not out of sadness or despair, but you know what I mean. When in trouble, confusion, slight pain, food not tasting good enough, you name it. The same, actually goes for adorable chibi minigirls.
(This was denied in our booru, but I still love it too much, so I'm linking it from OYP.)

I also seem to have an enormous fetish for yukkuris bouncing around, playing around and being curious, etc. Just like young human children. Plus, a yukkuri's "It feels like flying in the sky!" is one of my favorite.

Stuff focused on yukkuri biology is also my favorite, me being this SF biology nerd.

As for human-yukkuri relationship, I like a master-and-pet relationship. And I prefer quiet yukkuris, rather than those loudly announcing their actions.
I don't mind loud "Take it easy!!!" or crying, though.

(Still thinking. Will add a bit more.)

p.s.) I regret having erased all my yukkuri pictures from my computer. I had decided not to deal with yukkuris any longer, instead enjoying the original Touhou instead. ...I shouldn't have made the ultimate decision of deleting them....
7 years ago
Yep. That is the right pic. The implication is that enough people wanted their pet yukkuri to be able to play in the rain that some company was able to make a profit out of designing a raincoat for them. They even began engineering new materials to make the coats out of. I really like the pictures that show the inherent goodness of people (especially when it sets up a reward system for Acting like a good, kind person).

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