8 years ago
Unknown artists
I'm not talking about unknown_7 or things like that. I mean the various pics that have a distinct style and are clearly drawn by the same, unnamed artist.

We'll never be as comprehensive as OYP. They accept any pics, regardless of quality or content. On top of that they have a two-year head start. One of our advantages is better tagging, so let's take advantage of it. If you see art with similar styles, make a post with links to the pics and list the distinctive features.

I posted a sample post below.
8 years ago

This artist seems to focus on marisas (especially with Marisa Kirisame). These marisas have colored ribbons. Plaid is a common background. Kirisame's nose is distinctive.

There does seem to be a difference between Kirisame's hems in the two pictures.

Might also be by the same artist. The nose is slightly different (but that might be due to the angle). However, the shading is the same.

EDIT:Mystery solved. The artist's name is oyahada ( ). And even more that I never guessed were by the same artist. I love my new pixiv membership.
8 years ago
If there is an unknown artist that is also unnamed on danbooru or OYP, use a name that is appropiate and report an alias if a name is decided on later. Only do this, however, if it can be definitely proved it is the same artist.

Hopefully this helps.
8 years ago
Alright, found an artist on pixiv whose works have been attributed to lovelyperonperonaki and shiruberutaaki on OYP. Here's his pixiv page: . For now I'm calling him jissousaki since he draws so many jissous (and also because it's a HILARIOUS pun).
7 years ago
OYP has confirmed that Unknown 20 and Lovelyperonperonaki are indeed the same person, so we should tag Unknown 20 pic's as Lovelyperonperonaki from now on.

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