8 years ago
The purpose of this wiki is to host SFW images related to the yukkuri shiteitte ne meme. This is not the place to upload extremely violent or sexual-themed images. For gods sake, I don't think anyone wants to see Yukkuri porn.

1.) Do not post "abuse" related images: this includes things like the factory, home-invasion, raper-alice, or any other backdrop these stories may have.

2.) This isn't OYP, don't upload an image that is absolute shit just because it is yukkuri related.

3.) As per standard booru rules, do not upload images that you have made. This also applies to non-translation edits.

4.) Do not attack other users or post useless comments like, "I hope everything in this picture dies." Apply some intelligence and discretion to your comments, please.

5.) This isn't a place to discuss the merits behind abuse or non-abuse works, so don't bring up discussions about how some people would want to do sick things or that people are losers for liking yukkuri, it adds nothing to the discussion. Related to this, don't bring up issues with specific users on other sites, or bring up issues you have with how other sites conduct their business

6.) As a temporary rule, until things get sorted and I find out how much moderation this will need, don't post the more depressing stories.

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