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Sticky: Tagging GuideYukkuri8 years ago1
Sticky: F.A.Q.Yukkuri8 years ago0
Sticky: RulesYukkuri8 years ago0
What 2hu would be the best yukkuri owner?giggapuff2 months ago0
HII!IM NEW HERE!PrincessBLARITY3 years ago1
I plan on posting some stuff from OYP here.WXRunThisTown4 years ago2
So I just got here from that shithole they call OYP...WXRunThisTown4 years ago1
So HeyMiserableCurdle6 years ago0
CAPSLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jogiff7 years ago0
Original Contentjogiff7 years ago1
The aliasgame20107 years ago1
Looking for ModeratorsYukkuri7 years ago4
Unknown artistsjogiff7 years ago4
OYP's new lookLick_King7 years ago4
Favorite artistsgame20107 years ago7
tagging conventionsjogiff7 years ago31
Favorite kinds of picturesgame20108 years ago4
Creating Poolsjogiff8 years ago6
faviconjogiff8 years ago3
A new booruJakeTehWeird8 years ago13
Artist 'ammo'Lick_King8 years ago4
Let's discuss the meaning of "Family Friendly"game20108 years ago19
No NSFW allowedgame20108 years ago13
Makako's yukkuri gameLick_King8 years ago0
ratingsjogiff8 years ago5
Requests for translationsgame20108 years ago2
No more NSFW adsYukkuri8 years ago3
Viewing the second page of a threadjogiff8 years ago1
Regarding the AdsYukkuri8 years ago1
Hard translated copiesLick_King8 years ago3
NSFW adsjogiff8 years ago4
Re: dramaeasycat8 years ago5
Font weirdness in translation noteseasycat8 years ago0

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